Schema files not found!

When the Schema folder has been deleted from the WSUS installation directory you cannot publish updates with Easy2Patch to WSUS environment and WSUS cannot process any updates.

There is no specific reason why the Schema folder was deleted. However, in rare cases, it has been seen that this folder is deleted or that XSD files are not in it. XSD files are "XML Schema Definition" files and are required to read the corresponding SDP format.

When such a situation is encountered, the original state of the Schema folder must be restored. Simply, the zip file given below should be extracted in the path specified above, including XSD files. After that, Easy2Patch application will be able to publish updates to WSUS.

The hash value of the file is(SHA256): f271d48364c3043617507eb9f32cdf232784cfd102c5c31b3020e76d3eb70acc

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