Scope: Easy2Patch (All versions)

With the rules to be defined on Easy2Patch, important events can be reported to system administrators via e-mail. Detailed configuration steps about E-Mail notifications are explained.

Server Name: SMTP Server name.

TLS: If the secure channel is to be used, TLS must be checked.

Port: TCP port number used by the SMTP server.

User E-Mail: If authentication is to be used, an e-mail address must be entered as a user name.

User Password: Password is entered if authentication will be used.

Authentication: Specified User should be selected if it is desired to send an E-Mail using authentication. If authentication will not be used, relay right should be given to the server where Easy2Patch is installed on the mail server.

Test E-Mail: To test the E-Mail server settings, an e-mail address is entered in this field. This address is not saved. It is used for testing purposes only.

The settings are saved by pressing the save button.

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