Intune Deployment

Scope: Easy2Patch (Enterprise Licensing)

Easy2Patch integrates with Intune to distribute applications in its catalog. The automatic creation and distribution of packages and the setting of distribution methods are set from this screen.

Auto Assignment: This option is selected for automatic deployment of the application.

Azure Groups: Select Azure Groups in which the application will be deployed automatically.

Deployment Purpose: It is the setting related to the distribution of the deployed application to user computers. Required option for Automatic installation, Available for user-selective installation in Company Portal.

Application Publish Options: For the products in the catalog, the change method of the existing distribution is determined every time a new version is released. The Overwrite option determines that the application will be updated with the new version information and the distribution will continue with the same package. The other option retires the existing application and allows the new version application to be sent as a new package.

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