SCCM Settings

Scope: Easy2Patch (All versions)

Depending on the license, the SCCM/WSUS/INTUNE button in the ribbon menu is clicked on the Settings screen. SCCM settings are made from the "SCCM Settings" tab as follows:

  1. In the Provider Server part, the server address of the SCCM Site System Role is written as FQDN or NetBIOS name.

  2. Select the Local System radio button to connect SCCM via SUP Roles machine account.

If the service account is desired to be used instead of the machine account, the Service Account option is selected. When the service account is selected, an account with the necessary authorizations on the SCCM server is written in the User Name and Password fields.

SCCM rights for Service Account

  1. Application: Read, Modify, Delete, Set Security Scope, Create, Move Object, Modify Folder

  2. Distribution Point: Read, Copy to Distribution Point

  3. Distribution Point Group: Read, Copy to Distribution Point Group

  4. Folder Class: Read, Modify, Create

  5. Security Scopes: Read

  6. Site: Read

  7. Software Updates: Read, Modify

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