Scope: Easy2Patch (All Versions)

Online Licensing

Easy2Patch software works with online license check at With Online Licensing, software updates and license information can be tracked online, and Easy2Patch self updates can be made automatically. In addition, the system will automatically continue to work with the new license in license renewals and upgrades.

Demo License

WSUS, SCCM and Intune integrations can be used in the 30-day demo version. All functions are available for 30 days without any restrictions.

Standard License

Standard version users can use Easy2Patch only with WSUS integration. Updates are published to the WSUS environment. If SCCM integrated with WSUS is used, it will be possible to manage updates via SCCM independently of Easy2Patch licensing.

Advanced License

In addition to the standard license, the applications in the catalog can be published for application distribution via SCCM. With the determination of distribution points, requirements and collections, end-to-end automatic application update and distribution capabilities are gained.

Enterprise License

In addition to the Advanced license, Easy2Patch can work integrated with Intune. Apps can be submitted in Intune as an update or app distribution format. Single and multiple deletion and sending operations can be performed. Automatic assignment can be made.

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