Failed to sign package; error was: 2147954402/2147954429

This error is usually caused by no or long communication with the timestamp server. In order to overcome this error, it would be useful to change the Time Stamp server URL address on the Settings\Certificate Management screen. The following steps are applied to change the address.

  1. The Settings\Certificate Management screen opens,

  2. Click the (...) button in the Time Stamp server URL field,

  3. Another address can be selected from the predefined address list that opens, or a new address can be defined with the New button,

  4. Click Yes to use the selected address,

  5. Press the ping button to make sure the address is accessible, under normal conditions, a timestamp address that responds quickly is expected to respond in about 1-2 seconds. If it takes longer than that, make sure the address is accessible or check if it causes a timeout while passing through security systems for example firewall, proxy or any other security systems. Timestamp URL addresses broadcast from TCP 80 or 443 addresses. However, most timestamp server do not host a web page at these addresses. They provide this URL as a service. Therefore, it is important to test it with the ping button.

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