What is Easy2Patch

Scope: Easy2Patch (All Versions)

Easy2Patch provides automatic and centralized updating of 3rd party software running on computers within the corporate network.

Easy2Patch can integrate with Microsoft's WSUS, SCCM and Intune systems.


Use Easy2Patch to help you with the following security activities:

  • It provides a catalog that can fix the security and stability problems of over 300 software.

  • It provides automatic updating without leaving it to the user.

  • Provides information on which vulnerability (CVE) has been fixed.

  • Ensure that the correct application is downloaded and installed from the correct source.

Easy2Patch helps keep the system secure and/or stable through performing the above mentioned operations.

  • The end user does not need to be an administrator on the computer they use,

  • There is no need to run an additional agent on the computer,

  • With Intune, all computers, including the internet environment, can be updated centrally.

What's New

The following features have been introduced in Easy2Patch 3.0 version.

  • Intune integration is provided with the Enterprise license.

  • Update and installation can be provided via Intune.

  • Automatic assignments can be made to computers or users on Intune.

  • You can send and delete single or multiple applications to Intune via Easy2Patch.

  • Teams has been added to notification channels. In this way, activities can be sent as Teams messages.

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